Thyristor Switching Module

Thyristor Switching Modules


The thyristor switching modules of CTU range were developed for usage in applications with fast load changes (welding plants, stamping plants, lifts, cranes, controlled drives, etc.). With such types of loads, the standard mechanical contactor operated PFC is not able to compensate the reactive power at the targeted power factor level.

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Choke Reactors for CTU Modules                            

One­ phase current limiting reactor is designed for thyristor modules of the CTU series in conventional dynamic and hybrid PFC systems without detuned reactors. The JTC reactor is used for the limitation of the pace of current increase di/dt in the thyristors to the maximum permissible value.

Switching Modules for 1-phase Capacitor

The range of thyristor switching modules CTU is designed for the switching of 1­phase capacitors connected to a ∆ or Y connection. An advantage of CTU modules is the higher capacitive power that it can operate at. The maximum power is 126 kVAr per CTU module. The variant CTU is equipped with 3 independent control inputs for operation by the controller FCR123. Switching is completed within 10 ms from receiving the signal from power factor controller. This feature assures a switching speed up to 25 operations per 1 second.

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