Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)


Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) AB-QM 4.0 / AB-QM DN 15-250

The Danfoss AB-QM delivers the lowest total cost of ownership because:

    • Precise flow limitation ensures always the right flow at the right time, ensuring
    • Full range from DN15 to DN250 for flows up to 407 m3/h 1
    • Available with internal and external thread for universal applicability
    • Danfoss’ durability test ensures the AB-QM has best-in-class resistance to scaling and clogging
    • Easy troubleshooting because of the always visible setting and the ability to measure flow through test plugs
    • Minimum hysteresis for stable and precise temperature control
    • Upgrade to a digital actuator without having to change valves
    • Maintenance-free by Globe Type

Actuators PICV

Data Sheet:

  • On-off Thermal , Gear
  • Modulating Thermal , Gear
  • Setting flow without additional tools
  • Option Spring return or Electric return

NovoCon S,M,XL Digital actuator

General features:

  • Remote commissioning/Pre-set/Flush features
  • Flow, power emission and energy indication
  • High position resolution and accuracy
  • Energy management algorithms
  • LED displaying status and alarms
  • Maintenance-free lifetime
  • Auto MAC addressing for BACnet
  • Valve blockage alarm
  • Intrinsic alarm reporting for BACnet
  • Choice of BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU in the same product
  • No tools required for mounting on valve