Harmonic Filter


VLT Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF005, 010 

  • Advanced Harmonic Filters have been specially designed to match
  • the Danfoss frequency converters. The solution is available in two variants, AHF 005 and AHF 010, connected in front of a Danfoss frequency converter, the harmonic current distortion generated back to the mains is reduced to 5% and 10% Total Harmonic Current Distortion at full load.
  • 3 x 400 –500V …………………….190 – 400 A
  • 3 x 380 –690 V ……………………10 – 400 A*

* Higher rating when connected in parallel


VLT Advanced Active Filter AAF 007

The Danfoss Advanced Active Filter AAF 007 is designed to reduce harmonic distortion of central or decentrally installed Danfoss  drives. The newest-generation  SiC switches give unmatched high efficiency with 60% lower power losses compared to similar filters and effective elimination of high-order harmonics.
Line voltage and filter current*
3 x 380-480 V AC … 55 A modules. Maximum 440 A with 8 modules mounted in parallel


VLT Sine-wave Filter MCC 101

MCC101 output filters are differential mode low-pass filters that suppress the switching frequency component from the drive and smooth out the phase-to-phase output voltage of the drive to become sinusoidal. This reduces the motor insulation stress and bearing currents.
3 x 200 – 500 V, 2.5 – 800 A
3 x 525 – 690 V, 4.5 – 660 A


VLT dU/dt Filter MCC 102T

Compared to sine-wave filters, the dU/dt filters have a cut-off frequency above the switching frequency. The voltage at the motor terminals is still PWM pulse shaped, but the rise time and Upeak are reduced. They are smaller, weigh less and have a lower price compared to sine-wave filters. Furthermore, because of the smaller inductance and capacitance, the dU/dt filters introduce a negligible reactance between inverter and motor and are therefore suitable for high dynamic applications.
3 x 200 – 690 V (up to 880 A)