Contactor bypass isolation transfer switches

Metro United เมโทร ยูไนเต็ด

Compact design and user friendly front access interface simplifies routine operation, testing, maintenance and user programming.

Technical Data and Specifications

  • Rated for 100–3000 A and up to 600 V.
  • Available in open-in-phase, open-delayed or closed transition .
  • Front accessible with top and/or bottom entry available.
  • Dual ATS technology allows both the ATS and the bypass switch to operate as automatic transfer switches .
  • Draw-out capabilities on both ATS and bypass compartments allow preventive maintenance, inspection and testing to be accomplished while maintaining continuous power to the load.
  • Safety interlock system.
  • Field-selectable multi-tap transformer panel permits operation on a wide range of system voltages.
  • Standard : UL­ 1008 Listed, Seismic Zone 4 qualified (CBC, IBC, UBC),
  • OSHPD certification