As “Total Integrated Power Distribution Solution” provider, we are not only producing our wide range of busduct system below, yet we also provide our overall power distribution solution consultancy and bus bar repair service either to your existing or new project, we always act as your strategic project partners anytime every time.

Metro United เมโทร ยูไนเต็ด

MEGATRON Compact, 1000V AC (100A to 800A)

MEGATRON Compact type is a three-phase, plug-in type busduct. It plays an important role mainly as an electrical risers with ampere ratings between 100A to 800A. Our maintenance free system is achieved with our thermoset blu-E-Coat epoxy insulation.This design’s adaptability to site variation, and ease of installation is ideal for modern high rise commercial buildings and light industrial complexes in the distribution of low voltage power.



Metro United เมโทร ยูไนเต็ด

Low Voltage (LV) busduct system

  • Megatron™ Compact, 1000V AC (300A up to 600A)
  • Megatron™ Sandwich, 1000V AC (630A up to 6300A)
  • Busway CR™ – LV, 1000V AC (630A up to 6300A)

Medium Voltage (MV) busduct system

  • Busway CR™ – MV, 3.6KV (400A up to 4000A)
  • Busway CR™ – MV, 7.2KV (400A up to 4000A)
  • Busway CR™ – MV, 12KV (400A up to 4000A)
  • Busway CR™ – MV, 24KV (400A up to 4000A)
  • Busway CR™ – MV, 36KV (400A up to 4000A)

DC busduct system

  • Ezyfast – DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 250A)
  • Megatron™ – DC, 6V up to 1000V DC (100A up to 20,000A)

Busway CR™- LV, 1000V AC , IP68 (630A up to 6300A)

Metro United เมโทร ยูไนเต็ด

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