BMR Products

Power Analyzer Meter


Network analysers are designed to monitor electrical network parameters in LV and MV installations. The precise and continuous measurements of voltage and current inputs assure a high accuracy of all measured parameters for a complete range of analysers. All instruments are built with modern microprocessors that ring enough computing capabilities to provide various functions and connectivity for remote reading. Communication interfaces such as RS485, Ethernet, USB and several other protocols allow easy connection to other instruments, HMI and SCADA systems. BMR offers a range of panel mounting instruments for line monitoring and also power quality analysis. For measurement on site, there are portable instruments designed for easy usage in the field.

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As an optional accessory, BMR produces a range of communication converters for usage with BMR instruments equipped with RS485 interface. Converters are used for various purposes of communication between an instrument and a PC. For application with power, quality analysers PLA34 and PLA44 where there is no possibility of Internet connection for time synchronization via NTP servers there is a solution called NTS100. It is an NTP server unit synchronising the clock over the GPS satellites and provides the NTP service to the local network.

Power Monitoring Software

This is a multi­thread software designed for remote control and management of BMR instruments equipped with a communication interface. PMS is prepared for installation on       computers with operating systems MS Windows XP and newer. PMS is based on server – client architecture where the server part takes care entirely of communication with all instruments and SQL database.

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Power Factor Controller


The main part of central and group power factor correction in systems with a variable load is the power factor controller. A proper power factor controller and the correct design of PFC are key to the reduction of reactive energy costs. Nowadays, when four¬ quadrant energy meters are used, the right power factor controller is essential to achieve the highest efficiency of PFC system. Reliable, smart and advanced BMR controllers assure effective reduction of reactive energy and long working life of PFC systems.

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Regulation method description
Device digitalizes measured phase voltage and phase current in one or three phases. From those values device calculates power factor, effective values of voltage and current, apparent power, reactive power. On the basis of allowed reactive power, which is setas a requested power factor value in the controller, device counts requested compensation power. In accordance with its size and sign, controller connects or disconnects appro priate capacitor stages. Within the particular power levels controller uses advanced method of circular switching. Capacitor stage which has been disconnected for the the longest period of time is the next one to be switched on by the controller. The procedure of switching on is the same for every following step as well. Optimal regulation process is achieved due to one regulation loop with minimum number of switched stages. Controller is equipped with an alarm output. Alarm can be activated by different parameters such as under voltage, overvoltage, undercurrent, over current, power factor level, harmonics level, temperature and by number of contactor operations.

Cascade operation
The two controllers in variant C can be connected together to expand the number of controlled steps or substitute for each other in a system with two main power supplies. Any one of the controllers can behave as a master or slave.

Thyristor Switching Modules


The thyristor switching modules of CTU range were developed for usage in applications with fast load changes (welding plants, stamping plants, lifts, cranes, controlled drives, etc.). With such types of loads, the standard mechanical contactor operated PFC is not able to compensate the reactive power at the targeted power factor level.

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Choke Reactors for CTU Modules                            

One­ phase current limiting reactor is designed for thyristor modules of the CTU series in conventional dynamic and hybrid PFC systems without detuned reactors. The JTC reactor is used for the limitation of the pace of current increase di/dt in the thyristors to the maximum permissible value.

Switching Modules for 1-phase Capacitor

The range of thyristor switching modules CTU is designed for the switching of 1­phase capacitors connected to a ∆ or Y connection. An advantage of CTU modules is the higher capacitive power that it can operate at. The maximum power is 126 kVAr per CTU module. The variant CTU is equipped with 3 independent control inputs for operation by the controller FCR123. Switching is completed within 10 ms from receiving the signal from power factor controller. This feature assures a switching speed up to 25 operations per 1 second.

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